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For Young Learners

Image by Susan Holt Simpson

Building the Early Basics of Literacy and Numeracy

This course aims to cover the following:

  1. Introducing Alphabet (a-z and A-Z), letter sounds, 3 letter words, beginning and ending sounds.

  2. Counting and writing numbers 1 – 20, identifying big and small numbers and exploring simple shapes and patterns.

  3. Improve Oral and Listening Skills 


3pm - 4:30pm

Image by Hope House Press - Leather Diar

Cultivating Good Reading Habits

This course aims to cover the following:

  1. Shared reading and introducing stories of good morals and virtues to cultivate kindness, appreciation and respect.

  2. Encourage children to participate in story discussion and story re-creation

  3. Stimulate and arouse their imagination and creativity



10am - 11:30am

Image by Jerry Wang

Preparatory Class for P1 Admission

This course aims to cover the following:

  1. Introduce Basic Grammar and Vocabulary to improve language use.

  2. Teach basic skills in writing sentences through picture composition.

  3. Reading aloud of short passages to improve listening comprehension.

  4. Introduce Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers


12pm - 1:30pm

Contact us for enquiries and registration

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