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From Parents

Dearest Mdm Theo,

Thank you for your dedication and love for my boys, and always trusting in them of their capability.

Mrs Lee, Parent of Huan Juin (Sec 4) and Huan Yu (Pri 6)

Dear Mdm Theo,

You are the Best!

M – Meticulous

D – Devoted

M – Motivated

T – Thoughtful

H – Helpful

E – Enthusiastic

O – Observant

Dawn, Parent of Dylan (Pri 4) 

Thank you Mdm Theo and all your teachers for your perseverance in helping my daughter pass all her subjects for PSLE. 

Sharon, Parent of Audris (Pri 6) 

Thank you so much for your hard work and effort in teaching my son and daughter.

Mrs Tay, Parent of Tricia (Pri 6) and Trident (Pri 5) 

Really want to say a big thank you for helping my son to improve his Maths and Science grades!

Grace, Parent of Ryan (Pri 4) 

Thank you Mdm Theo and your teachers for teaching my son and daughter. I'm very grateful and appreciative of you and all your teachers for what you have done for my son and daughter.

Mrs Gasper, Parent of Sarah (Sec 4) and Christian (Sec 2)


From Students

Dear Mdm Theo,


Thank you so much for having me at your tuition centre ^^. I have indeed learnt a lot from you. Not only academically-wise but valuable life lessons as well =).


You gave me the courage and boosted my confidence which enabled me not to give up on math just yet. Thank you for seeing the potential in me and giving me hope =D.  You are truly inspiring! Your care and dedication towards each and every student is really commendable! Thank you for your constant encouragement and kind words! ^^ Attending tuition here is the best decision I have made.


Your humour and positivity never fail to make my day! I have never dreaded to come for tuition, not even once =). In fact, despite Friday being my longest day of the week, it is my most favourite day, because of tuition =). Thank you for your patience and love! =D I will never forget you, as well as your teachings! I am grateful. Thank you, once again! =D

Isabella (Sec 4)

Dear Mr Chia,


Thank you for guiding my science all this while. Thank you for your continuous encouragment and support. You are a very encouraging teacher!

Jie Zi (Pri 6)

Dear Ms Tharm,

Thanks for your guidance and patience! You are a wonderful teacher!

J-En (Sec 1)

Dear Mr Quek,


Thanks for guiding and teaching me since Primary 4. I really appeciate everything you have done for me. I treasure the knowledge you have given me!

Ian (Sec 1)

Shane (Sec 3)

Dear Mr Lee,

Thank you for your special way of caring and guidance and bringing out the best in all your students.

You are a teacher who is…

T – Thoughtful

E – Energetic

A – Amazing

C – Caring

H – Helpful

E – Encouraging

R – Responsible

Dear Miss Lee,

Thank you for guiding me in my studies for the past few years. I really appreciate all the time and effort you have put into helping me.

Ying Hui (Pri 6)

Dear Mdm Theo,

Thank you for being a great and understanding, fun and caring teacher. I appreciate your effort in organizing parties, telling funny stories and giving me a nice birthday present. I really want to thank you for doing all these. Here’s to remember you... 

T – Terrific

E – Energetic

A – Able

C – Cheerful

H – Hardworking

E – Enthusiastic

R – Remarkable

Dephne (Sec 2)

Dear Mdm Theo,

You are the best teacher that I have ever met. You are very kind and very patient with me. Thank you for your effort in teaching me. I will do my best in the AEIS.

Jessica (AEIS)

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