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Our Philosophy


To contribute to educating young minds and create new thinking


To grow a learning community through our integrated curriculum



Mdm Theo, Principal

Mdm Theo holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from NUS, a Graduate Diploma in Research Methods from the University of South Australia, an Advanced Certificate in teaching Higher Education from Sheffield’s University and a Master in International Business from the University of Wollongong. She lectured at an established Institute of Higher Learning for 22 years and spent the next 10 years growing Mdm Theo Learning Space.


Mdm Theo teaches with great passion and she listens to her students attentively. Mdm Theo believes in active learning. She always works with her team of dedicated teachers to find new ways to make the teaching curriculum both relevant and enriching. She observes every student’s learning behaviour and learning style to coach them effectively. She also enjoys growing younger with her students and loves them like her own children.


Mr Quek, Vice-Principal

Mr Quek graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Engineering. He obtained his Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from NUS and his Master of Business Administration from SIM-UKOU. Since 1994, Mr Quek has conducted several tutorial sessions and lectures on Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology for Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Degree programs at various institutions of higher learning.


Mr Quek believes in motivating and developing students' interest in Math so that they can understand the link to concepts and strengthen their problem solving skills.  He is an experienced Maths Olympiad Trainer with a reputable Maths Olympiad training service provider, and has been conducting training for both primary and secondary schools since 1999. The schools include Cedar Girls Sec, Ngee Ann Sec, Raffles Girls Sch, Yuan Ching Sec, Methodist Girls, Singapore Chinese Girls, St Hilda’s Primary, Woodgrove Primary, Tao Nan Sch, Kong Hwa Sch etc.

He also has many years of teaching experience in O-Level Math, A-Level Math and IB Math. His students include both local students from Nanyang Girls, Nan Hua High, Fuhua Sec, Yuhua Sec, Holy Innocents High, St Joseph Inst, Yishun JC, Jurong JC etc and students from Overseas Family School.

Miss Lee.JPG

Miss Lee, Teacher

Miss Lee graduated with a Bachelor of Business from RMIT and has many years of experience teaching Primary Math and Science as well as Primary and Secondary English. She also coaches foreign students who are taking the AEIS examinations or school admission examinations. She introduces them to the Singapore education system and helps them cope with the requirements of the MOE curriculum. Miss Lee believes in the individuality of each student and tailors her teaching style and pace to the different needs and abilities of her students.

Mr Chia.JPG

Mr Chia, Teacher

Mr Chia graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons). He is a full-time tutor with more than 15 years of experience teaching JC Math, Secondary Math, Pure Physics, Combined Science (Physics) as well as Lower Secondary Science. Mr Chia works closely with his students to help them improve their problem solving skills. He believes constant practice will raise their competency and confidence. Once his students have achieved a strong foundation, Mr Chia encourages them to solve more challenging questions to raise their abilities. By closely monitoring their progress, Mr Chia has received good feedback from both students and parents.

Mr Lee.JPG

Mr Lee, Teacher

Mr Lee graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mech). He is a full-time tutor with more than 14 years of experience teaching Secondary Math, Physics and Chemistry. Mr Lee also takes on relief teaching at Primary and Secondary Schools in the morning. He is very patient with students and spends time to explain and clarify their doubts. For weaker students who have difficulty in doing their school homework, he guides them by going through the topics and underlying concepts so the students have a better understanding. Besides improving their grades, Mr Lee also establishes very good rapport with his students and his students always look forward to his lessons.

Miss Adlina.JPG

Miss Adlina, Teacher

Miss Adlina holds a Bachelor degree in Philosophy from NTU. She has more than 5 years of experience teaching Primary English, Mathematics and Science. Miss Adlina is a very dedicated teacher and her lessons are both interesting and engaging. She sets online quizzes using EasyClass and conducts Preparatory Classes for PSLE English, Math and Science. She also sets difficult questions to stimulate their thinking and higher order processing skills. Miss Adlina likes to summarize the key concepts at the end of the lesson to help students remember the important facts. She also gives out homework to prepare them for the next lesson.

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