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Una loves documenting her arts and crafts journey in her diary! Join Una and create your very own art pieces with Una's free arts and crafts tutorials.

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Free Printable Activities for Kids #2 (Word Search)

Download for free:

Una's Free Activities #2
Download • 631KB


In light of National Endangered Species Day, we created a free printable word search for kids to learn some vocabulary related to the topic.

Due to increased human activities, more and more animals are becoming endangered. Currently, over 7000 species are facing imminent extinction, and this number will only increase if we don't play our part in keeping our animals safe and healthy. 🐅🐋🦧

Learn about endangered animals and the reasons why they are facing extinction on Una's Facebook page today!

Follow us to stay up to date with Una's free learning resources, and don't hesitate to tell us what you want to see next. 😊

Have an amazing weekend!

Hugs and Sparkles,

Una ❤️✨


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