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Fun and Easy Pop-Up Card

Updated: May 11, 2020

Hello friends!

Today, I'm going to show you how to make your very own hot air balloon pop-up card!

Materials Required

  • Una's Free Template

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Papers (decorative, coloured, or simple white paper)

  • Coloured pencils, crayons, markers, or stickers for decoration

Una's Free Template

Pop-Up Card_Hot Air Balloon
Download • 236KB


Now, on to the steps.

1. Download and print the template on two A4 sized papers. They can be decorative papers, coloured papers, or simple white paper.

2. Once you have printed them, you may decorate the hearts with coloured pencils, crayons, markers, stickers, or however you please.

3. It's time to cut the hearts out! For young children, please get an adult to help you. You may fold your printed templates in half and cut along the dotted lines to ensure symmetrical hearts.

4. Once you have all your hearts cut out, you may begin gluing them together - 1 to 2, 3 to 4, 5 to 6, 7 to 8, and 9 to 10. Do not glue A and B together! Glue the sides with the dotted lines so they are not visible.

5. Fold a piece of paper in half to make your card base.

6. Apply glue on the backs of A and B and stick them down the middle of your card for a spectacular pop-up effect.

7. Time to decorate! Draw your basket and the lines. For the basket, you may also glue on another piece of paper like I did.

8. Decorate more if you wish! Add stickers, hearts, buntings, and more! Let your imagination run free. 🥳

Tada! You now have your very own pop-up hot air balloon card.


With this same technique, you can create a lot more pop-up cards in different styles.

For example, you can create a pop-up flower with petal-shaped cut-outs. You can also create all sorts of different pop-up animals with circle cut-outs. Isn't it exciting?

I would love to see what you have created. I'm sure other children would be delighted to see your amazing creations too! Feel free to tag me on facebook, or send pictures to my e-mail to have them featured on my page.

If you have suggestions or any requests on what Una should create next, don't hesitate to message me!

Until then, stay safe and wash your hands!

Hugs and Sparkles,

Una ❤️✨


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