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Short Courses

Raising Hands

Basic English for Foreign Students

This course aims to give foreign students a firm foundation in Basic English.

  • Module 1 (10 lessons) Parts of Speech

  • Module 2 (10 lessons) Building Vocabulary


7pm - 8:30pm


Creative Writing Workshops

This course aims to teach students useful words and phrases to help them improve their composition, through several descriptive writing activities. 


Pri 3 and 4 Creative Writing Course Outline

  1. Description of people

  2. Description of rain and storms

  3. Description of people being happy

  4. Description of places such as playgrounds, parks and forests

Pri 3 & 4


3:30pm - 5pm

Pri 5 and 6 Creative Writing Course Outline

  1. Showing kindness to the disadvantaged

  2. Description of characters

  3. Description of a road accident

  4. Description of places such as markets, departmental stores, restaurants and food courts

Pri 5 & 6


5pm - 6:30pm


Preparatory Maths for JC Students

This course aims to teach students the key mathematical concepts and to give them a head start in the new academic year. 

  • Module 1: Functions, Absolute and Rational Functions, Inequalities, Transformation of Graphs

  • Module 2: Sequence AP and GP, Sigma and Modulus, Mathematical Induction, Binomial Theorem


6:30pm - 8pm

Image by Ashton Bingham

AEIS Preparatory Course for International Students

We are MOE registered and we teach in small groups of 2 to 4 students. Our teaching curriculum is specially designed to comply with AEIS test format and our mock exam papers follow the duration of test specified by MOE guidelines for each level. 

我们是教育部注册,小班授課(每班不超過4人)。我们的课程特别为考AEIS 小二/小三 和 小四/小五 的学生而编写的。我们的教材也符合AEIS测试格式。模拟试卷也遵循教育部为不同级别指定的 测试准则。 

Download Course Outline

Contact us for enquiries and registration

9738 9826 |

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