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Storytime with Ms Sunshine

Come along with Una to enjoy free audio-stories read by broadcasting veteran, Ms Belinda Sunshine.


The stories of famous people are short and relevant. In spite of physical incapability and shortcomings, many have risen to become successful men and women.

Through these stories, we hope to inculcate in children, the virtues, morals and values of these great men and women.

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Week 4

19 July - 25 July 2020
  • Story of Archimedes

  • Story of Sir Isaac Newton

  • Story of Albert Einstein

  • Story of Thomas Edison

Story of Archimedes
00:00 / 06:02
Story of Sir Isaac Newton
00:00 / 05:42
Story of Albert Einstein
00:00 / 04:45
Story of Thomas Edison
00:00 / 06:13

Ms Sunshine will also be conducting 2 programmes for parents during the mid-term break:

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25 July 2020, 4 - 5pm

Talk for Parents on “How to tell interesting stories to your Children”​


Image by Jerry Wang


25 July 2020, 5 - 6pm

Talk for Parents on “How to help your children improve their reading & listening comprehension”


Contact us for enquiries and registration

9738 9826 |

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