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Weekend Study

We conduct extra study hours towards exam period for secondary students who want a quiet place to study on weekends at an affordable hourly rate. We also assign tutors to supervise their work and learning progress.

Profile of our Tutors for Weekend Study


Mr Joel, Tutor

Joel is a passionate and inspiring tutor who enjoys teaching and helping his students improve their exam grades. Besides preparing notes for quick review, he also helps to concise difficult concepts for Physics and Chemistry to make them easier to understand. He also identifies some FAQs for students to practice before the exams. Joel is friendly, energetic and his students like his teaching style.


Mr Ko, Tutor

Mr Ko is a scholar and a private tutor with more than 5 years of teaching experience. He teaches Pure and Combined Biology. As Biology requires many factual explanations, Mr Ko helps students organize their notes by topic so that they are easier to recall and apply. He also drills students on how to present the answers clearly in the right context. 


Miss Shermaine, Tutor

Miss Shermaine is a very patient tutor who takes time to help weaker students pick up the essential skills to do well in both Geography and Social Studies. She goes through the content in the textbook and school notes with them, highlights the key concepts and revises with her students before the exams. Miss Shermaine also helps students to improve their comprehension and summary writing skills.


Mr Cedric, Tutor

Mr Cedric is very versatile and eloquent. He reads Literature and Philosophy. He teaches English, Social Studies and History.  Mr Cedric establishes good rapport with his students. He tailors his lesson plans to suit the different needs of his students, particularly those who need more time to comprehend. He takes time to go through their school tests and exam papers. He even goes to the extent of question by question analysis to improve their answering techniques. Students like him because he also guides them on how to formulate arguments for their essays.


Miss Monica, Tutor

Miss Monica has been teaching both primary and secondary Chinese for the past two
years. She is able to tailor her curriculum according to the learning abilities of her
students. As such, many have improved their exam grades under her coaching. Miss
Monica also inspires her students to read beyond school textbooks and they enjoy her
lessons too. Her friendly disposition and close rapport with her students have enabled
her to establish a strong bond with her students.

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